Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Answer to Rosh Hashana quiz

The question was: If shofar is such a great mitzvah and causes high elevations, why when rosh hashana falls on shabbos, don't we blow shofar, just because of a g'zeira of the Rabbanan that maybe we'll carry it outside?

Some answers are:
  • On shabbos, there is also an elevation of all the worlds, so it is basically doing the same thing as shofar (although, in the hosafos of likkutei sichos, there is a letter in which someone asked the Rebbe that the elevation through shofar is pnimios, and shabbos is only chitzoni, and the Rebbe answered that there are many levels: pnimios of chitzonius, chitzonius of chitzonius, pnimios of pniomus, etc.)
  • We still say the psukim of Shofros on Shabbos, which the Rebbe explains in a way are actually greater than blowing the shofar itself (since blowing causes a hamshacha, but saying the psukim bring it down b'gilui l'mata down here)
  • In shulchan aruch the reason is that shofar is uvdin d'chol, it's not very shabbosdik, and we are concerned you'll carry it outside
Only if you clearly wrote one of these, then you can award yourself the 600 points for each answer. (If you know of a different answer besides for the three I wrote, please speak up, I'd be very interested in hearing it. And you'd get an extra 300 points if the answer is valid and you can bring a source)

The most famous ma'mer in chassidus is based on this question. 'Samech Vov' is about 500 pages long. This question is directly dealt with on the first page, and the last three pages.

Congrats to those who just racked up hundreds of YossiPoints (TM)