Sunday, August 9, 2009

A smoking gun...

Today we drove around Six Flags Safari, in the morning.
The main rule is that you can't feed the animals.
We kept to that rule, until we saw that every other car was opening its window and feeding the animals.
A giraffe was right in the middle of the road. The minivan to the left of us had their window open. A mother was holding her baby girl in her lap, and was pushing her baby's hand into the giraffe's mouth!! The kid had a little muffin, and the giraffe seemed to love it. (This was a Jewish family, by the way.)
It was crazy to see that this mother was making her baby into giraffe-food! The baby was being licked, and everything!!

Anyway, later today we went to a shooting range. It was my first time. I was pretty nervous.
It's good I brought gum with me, because it made me look really cool, to shoot a Glock 45 while chewing gum.
Very macho.