Sunday, August 30, 2009

Elul PopQuiz

Alright. I'm going to copy mottel and start giving out points and such for answering questions correctly. You've got to keep track of your own points, though.

Here is the big Question:

If the Yud Gimmel Midos HaRachamim, 13 Attributes of Mercy, are shining during the month of Elul, which they are, then why isn't the whole month a Yom Tov? Rosh HaShana is a yom tov, for example, because it has a Gilui Elokus, so every day of Elul also has such a gilui, every day should be a YomTov??!??

You get 500 points (see how my system is so much better than Mottels? I give out way more points...) if you can tell me who asks this question.

And you get 1,000 points for giving the correct answer.
I'll give 100 points for anything creative that isn't the right answer.

Okay, and 200 points for being the fourth comment.