Monday, August 31, 2009

Answer to the quiz

The answer was right in front of you, in the previous post.
Why isn't every day of Elul a YomTov?
Because Melech B'Sadeh. True there is a gilui of G-dliness, but we still have to work to get it. It's just available, like the King going out into the field.
The Alter Rebbe explains this in Likkutei Torah.

Mottel got this right, and I'll assume he did his math correctly, so he gets all the points he calculated he should get! And chana gets points for being fourth!

As to my points not being worth much, just wait and watch for my rewards program to start kicking in, and you'll wish you had lots and lots of points. You will be able to get airline miles, and gift cards, and concert tickets, oh it will be great!