Sunday, July 19, 2009

So I was reading chrudge, right?

One of the reasons I respect is because he put me on his blog list.
If you've never been there, basically it's supposed to be like the drudgereport. He gets articles and 'news' from all the other chabad news websites, and puts it all together. As in, you don't need to have to check out shmais, and then col, and It's your one place shopping for lubavitch news.
What's funny in some ways and sad in others, is that he mainly focuses on all the politics and fighting. Whether it's between rabbonim, or between the different chabad news websites.
(That was the hakdama)
So I was reading chrudge, and of course the top headline caught my eye.
I clicked the link to the yeshiva world website, and read that in camp chayolei hamelech, they found a victim of a homicide, inside a bunkhouse!!! How crazy is that?
Unless of course, it's the breakout of color war. Or a prank. Or a horrible reporting error.
Either way,'tis crazy.