Sunday, July 19, 2009

Public Enemy #1- Goats

Our camp is on a farm, so we have horses and goats, etc.
There are a few different goat pens, and when we have the chance, counselors can take their bunks to go feed/pet/run around with the farm animals. Baby goats are the cutest little things, especially if you get to hold them and give it milk from a bottle.
Last week I took my bunk to go run around with some goats. After we finished with the baby and little goats, we walked over to the bigger male goats. There were three guys in this pen, and they all had horns.
My campers were not doing anything mean or scary to the goats.

But all of a sudden, at least one goat flipped and went crazy. He started attacking my kids! (Kids mean children, not baby goats) I got into emergency mode and got my campers out of the pen. They had to climb over the fence, or run out the door. One camper right in front of me was- and I'm not kidding, (Kidding means joking, nothing to do with goats.) was being gored by a goat's horns, into his stomach. I could see it ripping his shirt a little, and I wasn't sure if he was actually being lifted off the ground!!! I ran to help him but he got free, and this little boy cleared the fence so fast, it was crazy how he could jump over it, but he was screaming and crying in terror. I rushed the kids to the office, hoping they weren't seriously injured, especially this poor boy who the goat appeared to have plunged his horns up into his stomach!!
Bauch Haveyeh, everyone was ok. One boy had a scrape on his hand, another had the wind knocked out of him a bit when a goat had rammed into him. Another boy also got a little trampled.
And most importantly, the boy who got gored, all he had were some scrapes, baruch hashem, and nothing more. I was so scared that we'd see huge gashes, and the like, when we looked him over.
I had to call up the parents and let them know what happened.

It was a very scary day for me, and I hope it's the worst emergency that will happen in camp, and especially one I'll have to deal with.

Tomorrow we go to Six Flags, where we have to be supervigilant to make sure nobody abducts our kids (not goats). The buster that tries moving in on my group won't be able to walk ever again if he tries to take away one of my campers, let me tell you.

And once I"m talking about Six Flags, I'll fill you in on a statistic of mine. The counselors stay late at the park after the kids leave at either 3:30 or 6:00 (depending on age), so it will be the first camp day EVER this summer that I will not have gone home to a camper's house on Bikkur Bayis. I'm pretty proud of this record.

So have a good night.
Watch out for goats, watch your kids if you take them to Six Flags, and watch your caller ID if I'm your son's counselor, since I may try to come over this week.

DISCLAIMER: This incident with the goat is something that has not happened at all that I've heard of before. CGI is a very safe camp, and there is no reason not to send your child to this Gan Izzy or any other one.