Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey buddy, that's my seat!

I was in Monsey this shabbos.
They have a very nice shul and community.
Friday evening I sat down to daven mincha, do shnayim mikrah, learn a sicha, and daven kabalas shabbos.
Every few minutes, a guy would come by and slam a random sefer down in front of me. I'd look up and he was off.
Soon a small pile of randomly picked seforim was in front of me.
I kept thinking that if this guy wanted my seat, he'd let me know it was his seat.
Finally, I had started Kabbalos shabbos, and he was standing behind me.
"I'm sorry, am I in your seat?" I asked him.
"Ohhh! Now that was a smart thought! How sharp of you! You should be...a Rosh Yeshiva or something!!" he shteched me out.
I had four options at that point.
A) Slap him
B)Say "You're rubber and I'm glue..." or "Sticks and stones..."
C)Give a smart nasty reply
D)Walk away.

I opted for E) All of the above...

No, I'm just kidding. I walked away. But for an old guy in a hat and kapote, he sure was acting like a two year old...