Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello there

I hope your fast is going meaningfully.
We had a shorter camp day today, and we went bowling. I'm not sure why we even had camp, especially with the money problems.
After camp, instead of going home and sleeping, I hopped on a bus and went out to bikkur bayis.
This kid in my bunk.... he is something, alright.
He told me he is half animal. Which animal? Every one.
His sister has a friend who can speak to butterflies since she knows French. Do butterflies speak French? No. But they understand it.
When I was playing Monopoly with him today, he started stealing my property by throwing houses onto them. I was forced to give him my deed. You didn't know you can steal in Monopoly? His mother didn't either, so he told me, but he knew. Also, some of the Monopoly money are special. Special means that when you use it, you can pick up free houses and hotels or even new tokens so you have three guys moving around the board for you. How do you know which bill is special? Only he can tell.
I was almost laughing as we played.
I started to try to play like him, and tried stealing a railroad of mine back.
"Oh, Yossi, you can't do that!!" He is the only one who knows exactly how to steal the places on the board.