Sunday, July 19, 2009

A counselor on his off day (Sunday)

Today we had a break from camp. Not on Shabbos, since we had a shabbaton. The kids enjoyed themselves, and learned lots of Torah. I helped out in the Shmayunke (some have a girsa with the 'r' as in shmaryunke).
Today we went jet skiing in Ocean City, NJ. It was pretty cool. I've been jet skiing before, and once with dolphins, but that was quite a few years ago.
Driving back to L'Wood, we had fun with the cars around us.
First of all, we paid for cars behind us whenever we came to a toll. The toll is only a dollar most of the way, and we like seeing the driver's reaction when he hears a stranger paid for him. You have to be careful, though, depending on the gender of the driver behind you. Most women assume that a car full of guys is just trying to flirt with them. It would be a very short relationship, though, until our paths diverge.
We started this last summer, when we were totally bewildered after arriving at a tollbooth and hearing that the driver ahead of us had paid for us! It was such a nice, kind gesture that cannot possibly be repaid. We decided it was the type of random kindness that we would like to proliferate. (I hope proliferate can be used in that context. If not, just substitute the one I'm looking for.)
So we did that while driving back, and we also had fun with our windshield wiper fluid. If you spray it just right, you can get it on the car in back of you, or onto the side window of a car to the side of you. (Stam, I was at a gas station, and cleaned my windshield without looking to see if the attendant was in the way. He was, but he laughed when I tried apologizing, and he said he liked the shower (can you say redneck?!?))
We kept spraying up a blue Audi convertible behind us, which then tried cutting us off, so we cut them off, v'chulu. Oh, and when I say we, I wasn't driving. Just passenging. And yes, I wrote passenging.
We finished our night with a barbeque at our director's house. There were these two boys from Lakewood who the rabbi had found walking back from a mall, after missing their bus. I'm not sure if they understood that the drive from the mall back to lakewood was about twenty minutes, so the walk had to for sure be more than twenty minutes, too. So they ate with us, also, and told us about this relative and that one of theirs that is Lubavitch...
They heard us planning our trip tomorrow to Six Flags, and asked, clearly shocked, "You're renting out the whole park?!" Um, no. But to them, it's a huge deal, what with the lack of tznius, etc. We drove them home, and one boy about sixteen asked us, "How do you deal with a camp full of mamzerim and kids without brisin?" We had been talking about a boy who didn't have a bris (he told us, that's how we knew, in case you were wondering...)
We were all shocked in the car at his coldness and disgust for fry Yiddishe kinder. We told him that they were still yiddishe kinder...

And that was basically my day. I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed living it.