Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Classic Max

The camper who told me he is half animal before, had me cracking up this week.
We were in the woods, and Max was dawdling far behind us.
"Come on, Max, please catch up!"
"It's okay, Yossi, I can sense you."
"Um, okay, I can sense you, too, Max, but not over far distances."

He ran over to me, and said he saw writing in the dirt that said, "You are late for your death" and "We are coming." I don't know if that is from a movie or something, but it was really funny, because he was serious that he saw this written.

He says every night he visits Monkey Land. He says he is shorter than his twin sister because he doesn't sleep at night.

He got rope burn from the playground, all over his chest. Why wasn't he wearing his shirt? Because he needed his skin to breathe.

Another camper, Joseph, fell into the big trash can full of soapy water we were using for the Car Wash. We saw his feet coming up and out from it. He had been reaching down to fill up his sponge. We were really scared he would drown, so we pulled him out. He is okay, baruch haveyeh.