Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yossi's Greatest Hits

Here are some old posts that I've found while I was looking back through my blog. You could say that this is a list of some of Yossi's greatest hits.
Click Here to read about how I saw a guy almost die.
Read this if you want a cool story of how much a heroic figure I am, donating blood, and all.
You can click on this guy if you want to read about another blood donation.
Here are some juicy stories about my dark past: this one and that one.
This is a poem I wrote. Others are in the label Shake It Like Shakespeare.
The post at this link is what I gave readers to do last summer, since I wouldn't be with them. It was a way for them to connect to their inner Yossi.

If anybody wants to add, feel free.
And if you noticed, I tried to use different words for links each time. I sometimes get annoyed with repetition.