Monday, June 8, 2009

Yossi, a terrorist? A racial profiling story

Recently, on a trip back to Los Angeles, I was walking through security, as I normally do.
When I walked through the metal detector, the woman stopped me, and motioned to a male worker at security, to come forward. I knew what was coming next.
I was wrong, actually. No frisking. As the guy came forward, the woman pointed to my yarmulka, and the man asked me to follow him.
Now, I didn't need to go into a whole interrogation room just to show him I had no TNT under my head covering, so I lifted up my yarmulka, and asked, "You need to see this?"
He looked really relieved, and said that yes, that was fine, when I picked it off my head.
I was clear to go.

That's it. That was the story. Nothing huge. What were you expecting? He was concerned about breaking any religious or legal laws about taking off my yarmulka, so he was considerate and thought I'd rather go somewhere private, in case it was against my religion to fix my yarmulka.

Listen, not every story of mine is super-important and incredible. I know, none of my stories are, but at least some I can dress up into something semi-huge. With this one, I can't even do that. So take it or leave it.