Friday, June 5, 2009

This is something serious!

Please, please, please, please:

Say tehillim and keep in mind during your davening- Lidor Ben Michal.

He is eight years old, and was my camper last summer.
He got his leg run over by a lawn mower.
I called and finally got through to him, earlier today.
He has been in the hospital for over two weeks already. He told me he still had seventeen more surgeries to go. I was told that they needed to put animal parts into his leg, and the doctors are hoping they will grow, and that way he won't need an amputation, chas v'shalom.
Lidor was whispering to me as we spoke, since he was so drugged (I assume).
He kept wimpering and crying to me, "Yossi, why did this have to happen to me?"

It broke my heart.
So please, please, please, say some extra tehillim for him!!