Friday, June 12, 2009

Now that you've finished smicha...

Most days I daven mincha with the smicha guys.
Yesterday I saw a book lying on a table, called: How to find your spouse in 30 days.

How appropriate for bochurim finishing up smicha...

Did I read it?
Nooooooo. Of course not. Why would I find anything like that interesting?

Of course I skimmed through it (there was a lot of time before mincha started, to wait until the dudes here stopped talking and got their act together to daven, and then before chazaras hashas)!

It was basically saying the following throughout the entire book:

Don't look to marry the best man, most handsome, for money, for looks, for height, for anything.
Seriously, most of the book was just saying how you shouldn't look for what you think you want. She doesn't need to be pretty. He doesn't need to learn Torah all day, but could have a job. He doesn't have to have the same skin color as you...