Monday, June 8, 2009

I feel so appreciated, I wish I could express it

Every month, the shluchim are supposed to meet with Hanhala.
We discuss upcoming projects they want us to undertake, problems or suggestions we have or they have, about making yeshiva better, v'chulu. A lot of times, we'll speak about bochurim, and problems we may have with learning with them, etc.

The running joke, although we don't find it so funny, is that they never serve us food. The very first monthly meeting, they got us pizza. It was good. But the thought was even better. After that, we only got food sometimes, and usually it was a piece of cake, or some vegetable platters.

At these meetings, we have heard a certain Hanhala member (it's either Rabbi Thaler or Rabbi Farkash, since they are the ones we meet with. You have a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right. If you are family, and call me, I'll tell you which one) says how bad he feels that the whole year, he is not able to express to us how much hanhala appreciates us.
The shluchim also feel that most times, we are told to do this or that, without much thanks and appreciation. But we go on, anyway, doing the Rebbe's Shlichus, even if we are not treated with the respect or thanks that comes with it.

At the most recent meeting a few weeks ago, this Rabbi told us how he speaks with other mesivtas, and is poshut jealous of them, for knowing how to express their appreciation to their shluchim. He said he doesn't know how, and we should just know that.

We had a good time speaking it over afterwards, in our habitual post-meeting, where we go over what hanhala told us, and how much we agree or disagree with them.

What kind of excuse is that? We also wish yeshiva could know how to express how much they need us and appreciate us....