Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I bought a computer, mazel tov

And there is no way I'm telling you what model it was, how much I paid for it, or what its spec's are. (I say 'its' because I'm not sure if it is male or female yet. For now, I call it "Computer", which I feel is very unisex.)

In mesechta ksubos there is a piece called, "Keitzad Merakdin Lifnei HaKallah", where Beis Hillel and Beis Shamai argue as to whether you should tell the chosson how beautiful his wife really is, or make it up, to keep him happy.
Beis Hillel says you lie if you have to, and we learn it out from Me SheLakoch Mekach Ra BaShuk, and since transliteration sucks, I'll give you the english version from now on. Someone who buys a bad object, his friend is supposed to support his purchase, and not bash the deal. So too, says Beis Hillel, one should lie straight through his teeth and tell the chosson he got the most beautiful maiden in the land.

L'feechach- (I know, I know. But I had to here...) If I buy a computer, don't start shteching me out that I could have gotten a better deal here, or a better computer there.

A fellow shliach of mine gave me heck when I told him that I bought my computer. He went at me saying I should've gotten at CostCo and returned it later, gotten these dimensions....

So I'm not telling you anything about it, other than- it's a beauty.