Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to end a phone call

I don't know if there are any official phone call etiquette rules.
When winding down a conversation (especially one you may not be enjoying), you start looking for ways to wrap it up. You summarize, and say something like, "okay, so yeah. I'll do....and.....and we'll be in touch, I gotta go."
But what happens when the connection is dropped before you get to say that?
The easiest thing would be to not call back. You wanted to hang up anyway.
But what if the person on the other line wanted to say more? Or what if he is offended that you care so little about the conversation, you are okay with just dumping it at where it is?
So if these thoughts bother you, you find yourself calling back, just to hang up again.
"Hey, sorry, I think the problem was my phone. Anyway, so yeah, we'll be in touch, and thanks for calling, k? I gotta go, bye."
It's such a waste of a call, but for some reason my conscience demands it.