Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gut Voch!

I am posting now from a very cute little city, Walnut Creek.
Two other shluchim and I brought the shiur gimmel class on a graduation trip to San Francisco, and we are staying in WC, which is a half hour drive away.
We went paintball shooting on Thursday (maybe later I'll give you a rundown on how I did), and yesterday went into SF for Alcatraz, and the GG Bridge, and Lombard Street.
Going down Lombard Street with a 15P was not as scary as driving up the monstrous hill to get to the top.
Anyway, tomorrow is Yosemite.
The kids have been pretty good until now, let's hope everything continues to work out. We've had a great time, and when we get back, there's only one day of yeshiva left, which means hefker day when everyone packs and farbrengs.

Just thought I'd say hey!