Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gimmel Tammuz Mivtza

As the end of our year of shlichus was winding down, I knew we needed a mivtza to end with a good chayos in zal, besides for making sure bochurim appreciate the importance of Gimmel Tammuz.
I had a few problems, though:
  1. We didn't really have so much money
  2. We didn't have 10 shluchim willing to work and put in a lot of effort
  3. I didn't want to pull any all-nighters and do most of it myself.

So for this reason, we opted for The Va'ad's mivtza. The vaad is for all lubavitch yeshivos, and they make mivtzas and programs for around the year. Their biggest thing that all yeshivas participate in is for Yud Shvat in Beis Rivka. That's them. They make mivtzas for yud shvat and other Yomei D'Pagra, but most yeshivas (ours included) normally do our own.

For gimmel tammuz, though, and for the abovementioned reasons, we used the Va'ad's mivtza.

When it came, I thought immediately: A Mivtza in a Box.

And that's what it was. The signs were already made, the kovztim printed, tests made, v'chulu.

Of course, in proper Vaad fashion, we received it all a week after the mivtza was supposed to start.... but still it made my life much much easier. So Shkoach to the Vaad!