Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally, a Dvar Torah BEFORE SHABBOS

(A quick vort from a sicha of the Rebbe, from L'kuttei sichos, chelek daled, parshas b'haloscha)

There are two types of bread; from heaven and from the earth.
Earthly bread takes toil and sweat to produce anything edible, and even then, not all of it can be digested.
Mun, though, came from Heaven. It is true that some Rshaim had to venture forth into the desert to receive it, nonetheless the Mun, in all its Supernal Glory, came to them as well. Mun from Shomayim also had no Psoles, it was all digested. Even for a Rasha Gamur, the Mun became part of his flesh and blood, and retained its holiness. The Mun also caused a small purification in the Rasha, which will become evident when he finally does Tshuva.

The reason there are two types of physical bread is because Torah, from which everything in this world comes from, is called 'bread', and also has two levels.

Nigleh is like Earthly Bread. There are questions, and machlokesin, etc, just like it takes work to make bread.
Chassidus is Heavenly Bread. There are no kushyas or machlokesin in Chassidus as there are in Nigleh.

And just like the Mun fell down even for a Rasha, so too, Chassidus is meant for every single person. Furthermore, just like the Mun still retained its Ma'alos, and also had a positive effect on the Rasha, so too with Chassidus. Some claim that if one has not made the proper preparations and hachanos, he shouldn't be taught chassidus. Chassidus not only won't hurt chas v'shalom a person, rather chassidus will help a person eventually do tshuva.

The Rebbe says we must defeat this argument against teaching everyone chassidus, and then the Yetzer Hara will remove the very concealments he himself placed, when he sees that they just strengthen our resolve to teach and spread chassidus.

Moshiach himself said, that when we spread out the wellsprings of Chassidus, he will come! So let's get going, and may we merit the Ultimate Geulah!