Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facebook Frustrations

Okay, I'm here at last. Facebook. Or, Sefer HaPanim, as the kids here call it, to make sure nobody knows what they are talking about.

First of all, there needs to be a whole classification system instituted for my friends. Because not all of them are really my friends. There should be "Acquaintance" or "He's only my friend on Facebook, but I've never spoken more than three words to him while we were in Yeshiva together" options. Most of my real friends don't even have facebook.

Second, there should be an age limit. I'm sorry, but there's an older guy who I accepted as a friend, and now I regret it. I'm always being forced to read about every single thing he does, so I finally hid him from my page.

Third, and this is close to the second, if not an age limit than at least an interest limit. Facebook should only be for those of us who only casually care about it. I don't want my friends all biting me to turn me into vampires, or challenging me on the stupidest quizzes ever. If you want to find out which drug you are most like, fine, but don't intrude on my life, hoping to find out if I'm also a Weed Guy.

Fourth, Facebook is dangerously close to turning me into a real moron. I was perusing different groups that my friends were in, or that seemed interesting and relevant to me and my life. I'm embarrassed to reveal, that I actually considered joining the group- "I think my cell phone is vibrating in my pocket when it's really not". I mean, I do, so I belong then in this group, right?
See how close I came to being a real loser?

That's it, for now. I'll add more later, when I'm bored.