Friday, June 12, 2009

Chanuka Mivtzoim

Because of course it's that time of year again....

Here's a cute story that happened to me on chanuka mivtzoim one time:

Sometimes the best mivtzoim is the Bikkur Bayis variety. You go house to house, in the (usually cold) night, looking for houses that look like they may have Jewish inhabitants.

I was in Calabasas, and my chavrusa and I were going up the street, trying our luck at different houses. While our friends worked the other side of the street, my chavrusa and I walked up to a certain house that we picked.

It was very dark, there were no lights on.

As I rang the doorbell, bright flood lights came on. We were slightly blinded, but continued to wait for someone to come out. In the meantime, we heard laughing from the guys behind us. We weren't going to let them deter us from our precious mission of spreading the light of the menorah to all Yidden.
A woman answered, smiled, and told us that she wasn't Jewish.

As we walked down the walk back to the street, we realized why the other guys were laughing.

We had totally missed the HUGE Kratzmach display, that when we rang the doorbell, it lit up.
This display was gigantic, though. There were moving reindeer, and lights flashing, and a whole scene about Yushkeh. I mean, this probably could be seen from space!