Monday, June 15, 2009


For my MyShliach learning sessions with young Mendel, we talk a lot about different things, besides for learning the actual sicha. Many times, we share jokes (as you should be aware of by now).
It was high time that I delivered some jokes, this past week, and I really didn't have any. Or rather, I didn't have any funny ones I could repeat to someone under....16?
So I cheated.
I went to the Rosh's office, near the copy machine, and sifted through the laffy taffy's, reading as many jokes as I could. I tried to commit about four or five to memory.
Later that day:

"Hey, so Mendel, I have a joke for you!"
"Alright, Yossi, let me hear it."
"Which is a faster runner, hot or cold?"
"Hot. Everyone can catch a cold. But Yossi, that's just a Laffy Taffy joke!!!"

I was busted. Big time.
I tried backpedaling.
"Oh, really? I didn't know...someone just told it to me..."

I'm not sure he bought it.