Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An airplane joke

Two Pollaks (you can change this to whatever you need. Blondes, for example) were sitting on a plane, crossing the Atlantic, when they heard the pilot say, "Woah!! We've just lost an engine, but don't worry folks. We will still make it there, but it's going to take another hour than usual, to make up for the lost engine."

Soon after, they heard a blast, and saw an engine fall again.
"Okay, so that was the second engine," the pilot explained, "so now we're gonna have to put all the burn on these last two engines. Now the trip will be two hours longer than before."

One Pollack turned to the other, and said, "I hope these last two engines don't blow up, or we'll be up here forever!!"

(Take it or leave it.)