Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Belong Together- A poem

I’m the pepper and you’re the salt; You’re the mustard and I’m the ketchup-
I’m the muddy, rugged terrain,
and you’re the old Ford Pickup.

You’re the wrapper and I’m the gum; I’m the bottle and you’re my Snapple Fact-
I’m a bochur’s mashke-stained jacket,
and you’re his smashed up hat.

You’re the cop that pulls people over, and I’m their speeding ticket-
I’m a box of brand new shoes,
and you’re the pack of gel that comes in it.

I'm the Jackson on your twenty; I'm the Lincoln on your five-
I'm the powerlock doors and windows,
and you're the four-wheel drive.

You’re the keyboard, and I’m the mouse; You’re the sync card of my phone-
You’re the many colorful sprinkles,
on my ice cream cone.

I’m the cloud and you’re my rainbow; You’re the sunshine in my sky-
You’re the Monday of my long weekend,
You’re the 4th of my July.