Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Trip to Israel, Day 7

(I'm finally typing this up, so I don't have any blogging responsibilities going into the upcoming summer. What I'm typing are entries I wrote down on the plane ride back from my Birthright trip last summer. This starts the morning after we stayed with the Bedouins)

Tuesday, day 7

We woke up with the four S's: Sore, Stiff, Sick and Sandy.
We davened in the whirling sands of the Judean Desert.
All the other groups had woken up really early in order to hike up Masada at 5:00 AM and see the beautiful sunrise. For our group, waking up before 6 and hiking didn't sound like such an awesome idea, so we had gone in the evening.

Instead of hiking, we went camel riding!! What fun! These are some really strange animals, let me tell you. No, it's the llama that spits. Camels just chew. They chew their cud, and they have huge lower teeth. They are very awkward (which I always thought ironic that word 'awkward' is spelled in an awkward way, with the 'wkw' in the middle...) to ride. Two people sit on either side of their hump (which does not contain water), and when they stand from a sitting psition, they stand their back legs up first, and you have to hold on tight not to fall off.

Then we went for another hike in the Negev, I think. It was nice, and at the end, it finished with lots of ladders that went up the side of a canyon.

We went to Tel Azeka, which if I remember is where Dovid fought Golias, and then later to Ben-Gurion's grave and museum. (I can tell you more info about that later.)