Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Trip to Israel, day 10

Friday, day 10

Depression Day.

This was our last day of touring in Israel.
We went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. It will be cliche to say it was inspirational and moving, but of course I have to. It was inspirational and moving.
Before going in, we all sang Ani Ma'amin, which really set the mood. {maybe I'll upload the video so you can watch- me typing this now almost a year later} One thing which really plucked at my emotional strings (is that an expression?) was a video about two different sons during the holocaust. One clip was of a man who said that he and his brother tried carrying their father during a death march. Their father was too old and weak, and was slowing them down, so he told them to leave him. They refused, and carried him much farther. I think in the end he did pass on, but I'm not sure. The next clip was of a man crying about how basically he had not spoken up when they were splitting up his family, men on one side, vechulu, and if he had said something, he could have saved his father, but he didn't.
It was crazy depressing. The monument for the children, the books with all the names, everything. If you didn't cry when you went, I feel sorry for you.
At the end, we went into an auditorium to hear a survivor give his story. It was extremely hard to stay awake for his hour and a half speech, and some guys in my group didn't.
Then we went to Har Herzel, the military cemetary. We heard people talk who had lost family members. Again, to not cry here would not be to not be human. We sang Ani Ma'amin again, and it incredibly mentally exhausting.
After, we went to the Machne Yehuda Shuk in Yerushalayim, and got ready for Shabbos in the Old City.
Friday night we danced our way to the Kosel, drawing many onlookers. We met up with another Lubavitch Birthright group, plus a Mayanot group, and we rocked the Kosel for Kabbalas Shabbos. It was such an awesome experience. After davening, we started dancing with a large group of soldiers, who we lent our black hats to, to go with their black guns.
For the meal, all 3 groups ate together, danced together, and sang together.