Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long-Distance Relationships

Did the title grab your attention?

It's hard for bochurim to keep up friendships with everyone we know. Because let's face it. An average bochur meets hundreds of other bochurim, through summers and yeshivas, vechulu.
So therefore I have some friends that I've grown distant with, and our friendships are basically on hold, until the next time we see each other or talk.

The main reason I'm writing this post is for a few specific friends of mine, that aggrevate me so!!!
It could be months that we have not spoken to each other, and one day I'll get in that mood to call people up that I should have called three months ago, and give one of these two (in particular) friends a buzz.

We'll have a nice conversation, and catch up on what we've each been doing, but for these two friends of mine, they will throw it in my face why I haven't called them earlier!!
"Yossi, dude, it's been forever since you last called. What's up with that? Why haven't you called?!?!?"

Excuse me. The very fact that I am speaking to you on the phone is proof of your own similar abilities to speak on the phone as well. You could have called me, moron!! Why is it purely my fault to our lack of communication????

But last week, I called up a different friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in a supremely long time. At the end, I apologized for not calling sooner (as in- last year or the year before...), and he replied, "no, no, no, Yossi. I should have called you, too!"

Now that's a good friend!