Sunday, May 24, 2009

I need professional help!


That was the space for you to laugh and insert your cold pointed jokes about me, before we begin a serious conversation.

I want to buy a laptop.
I don't really need any more requirements than:
  1. It should work.
  2. It should work fast.
  3. It should have enough memory to hold lots of files, pictures, vechulu.
  4. It should get me online.
  5. It shouldn't be expensive.

I was just browsing online, and I realized it's not so simple. I need your help, guys!! First of all, what is the difference between AMD Dual Core processor, and intel, besides for the fact that I've only heard of Intel? And a better question may be-Will I care what the difference is, if in fact there is one?

Next question (and don't shoot me)- What is the difference between vista premium, and windows xp professional, and stuff like that?

And finally, am I right in thinking that it's worth it to put a little more money now to get a better computer with more gadgets and programs, so that I won't need to buy a new one later, when I may regret buying the one with the AMD, and not Intel, for example? Or do all computers break down over a few years, and I could get away with spending just 300 bucks now, knowing anyway I'll have to buy a much better computer in three years?