Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have you ever found yourself talking to inanimate objects?

I've compiled a short list of inanimate objects that I've recalled speaking to. I'll probably add to the list if I remember more, and my readers probably have more of their own.

  1. Traffic Lights- "Turn already" is usually what I grunt at the obnoxious red light. And b'chlal, I always believed there should be a "Turn left on red if you think you can make it" rule in driving.
  2. Cell Phone- "Shhhh!" I'll try shushing my phone when it starts vibrating or making noises when the environment requires silence.
  3. Toilet in host's house- "Come on, please don't do this to me...I'll do anything, please no, no, no!!" Perhaps the most embarrassing moment possible is to flood the bathroom at a house you are a guest at. Once you see the water level coming back up towards you, well, that is one of the worst feelings EVER!! You start pleading with the toilet, and hope there is no expensive rug right outside.
  4. Chair- "Sorry" I normally am good about these things, but very rarely I'll catch myself apologizing to chairs that I bump into.