Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eizahu Chacham, HaRoeh Es HaNolad

Here are my plans for the following:

Summer-Counselor once again at the best camp in the world (only because that's where I'll be), Manalapan, NJ. My co-counselor and I had so much fun, we convinced the head counselor to come back one more year, and we gathered together a great bunch of guys, some of whom are also coming back for their second year. Should be lots of fun.

Smicha- Crown Heights!! Yay. It's a mix of 770 smicha and Shlichus in Lubavitch Yeshiva. I'll be back in Paltiel's shiur, for which I'm looking forward to, and after a year of yeshiva shlichus in a mesivta, I'm also eager to try out shlichus in a zal. Not that I didn't enjoy mesivta. It's just that you always do better the second time around.