Sunday, May 24, 2009

A chosson at the table

I ate my Shabbos meal today at a family's house where a daughter was engaged (mazel tov), and her chosson was in town for a little bit, so he was eating with us also (there wedding is in a month).
During a lull in the conversation, her chosson started a niggun, and we all joined in.
I whispered to a friend of mine that one of the things you've got to do before getting engaged is to make sure you can start about 4 geshmak niggunim, for this exact circumstance, at your soon to be mechutan's house.
After the niggun finished, the Ba'al HaBos asked his soon to be son-in-law what the name of the niggun was. The chosson said he didn't remember. My friend and I shared a knowing smirk, that implied-That's because on the ipod, all it had was a track number when you were trying to learn it quickly on the plane.
Then later in the meal, it came time for D'var Torahs. I was with three other shluchim, but of course since I was there, they thought they were off the hook, and all looked at me. So I gave in, and delivered an incredible insight of the Rebbe on the whole idea of Achdus (This was shabbos achdus, after all), from a sicha on parshas Yisro. I don't know if I delivered it incredibly, but it definitely is an incredible sicha.
Then the chosson was asked if he had a dvar torah. At first he declined. But we all looked at each other, and said- Of course you have one. You wouldn't come to your soon-to-be in-laws without a dvar Torah!! And as it turned out, what would you know? He did find something to share, that he had prepared.

And the food was Scrumptious and Delicious!!