Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Source of it all

A Gut Voch.
Over Shabbos I saw the sefer that has been the source for the "3rd Birkas Hachama after Yetzias Metzrayim and Purim" theory. (notice I'm not calling it a rumor anymore, now that I've located the source.)
The sefer is called Sefer Me'ir Ayney Chachamim, and was written down by the students of some Rov (I can't remember what his name was) after their teacher died Al Kiddush Hashem in the Holocaust (I think.)
Anyway, it says pretty clearly that Yetzias Metzrayim and Geulas Purim were both Birkas Hachama years and on Erev Pesach, and the third time this would occur, it means Moshiach is coming very soon.
Those were the words from the Sefer.
But that sefer was either written or recorded from a Dvar Torah this Rav said, in the year Tof Raish Peh Hey, 1925, which was three Birkas Hachama's ago, but more importantly, a year on which birkas hachama was erev pesach!!! So even if Yetzias Metzrayim and Purim were years of birkas hachama (most say they weren't), and were on Erev Pesach (which once you are able to say they were years of birkas hachama, why not say they were on erev Pesach?), this rov was clearly referring about his own year, which we know was on Erev Pesach. (That's besides for the problems that according to the chart of all the years for the past 1500 years or so that we know about, there were a few more times it was on Erev Pesach, so 1925 would not have been the third...)

But there it is, at least. The source. Which is a sefer written by talmidim of what their teacher said. If they heard wrong, or not, we will know when Moshiach comes and we can ask him to explain what he meant.

Either way, even if this year was not a birkas hachama year, or on Erev Pesach, we don't need any seforim to say that this is a Ketz, we know Moshiach is coming!