Friday, April 17, 2009

Reflective Piece after my last post

So I need to take a minute and sit back.
My friend just got engaged. Engaged. As in- About-to-be-married.
That means the pipe has opened. The dam has broken. The avalanche has started. (guys, help me out. I can't think of so many euphemisms (that's what they're called, right?)) in one shot..) The boat has set sail. The strawberry has been picked (never heard of that one before? So what? I can make up whatever I want..). The computer has started up (that's a shout-out to my folks back home).

Anyone could be next!!
And I'm included in that!

Nobody is safe.
You can't stay young forever.

Take mwah (Portuguese for 'me'), for example. I am turning 21 soon. 21. As in, one more than twenty. That's pretty old. For birthday presents, I start getting tools and ties, right? Don't they start at 21? You know, the hammer than can put up picture frames and also check your tire pressure, all-in-one? Won't there be someone out there somewhere, thinking, "Yossi could sure use this. It'll be the perfect gift that won't be too shocking, because we don't want his heart taking on the extra pressure..He is 21 already..."??? (If you are wondering about the presence of the question marks, go back a bit, and you'll see it was all a question. Okay?)