Friday, April 3, 2009

My Dark Past: The shot at freedom

We had this biology teacher who was one of my worst teachers ever. She was so weird, didn't know how to teach, and always took us 'out into the field' to write down all the weeds and flowers we found. Oh, and she also had us set out traps for rodents and little animals in the woods near our school, but all we caught were poor birds, so we stopped.
Another reason we disliked biology was that it came right after our recess break, in which normally we'd play some hoops.
Our teacher would walk up and tell us to come inside.
We weren't so willing.
I finally saw a way that would make us all happy. I proposed that if I, or the other guys, could shoot the basketball from such-and-such distance, and it went in, then we could stay out longer.
No matter how persuasive I may be, how could any teacher actually accept such a deal?
Of course G-d was on our side, and one of us made it. She had no choice but to let us play longer.
You know what, though?
She let us do this almost every day!!
By the end of the year, we had to have full class time, to finish up with whatever project we were doing. We left school that year with our teacher owing us about four or five hours of no-class time.
Why would a teacher give in to her students like that?
I mean, I'm not complaining, because I still don't think I could have learned much more from those lost class hours, but it was such a joke-to let us shoot for our freedom?