Sunday, February 15, 2009


My family has this thing now that we're Californians, (I'm not sure that it's Taluy on the state, but more the fact that we moved) that every yom tov which we are all home (normally pesach, and most times also sukkos) we'll take a family picture in our shabbos/yom tov best, minutes before we have to race to shul, in the heat of last minute preparations/yelling.
(Don't ask about our 'kids pic'. I can't reveal more because it may embarrass some siblings of mine)
Anyway, for perhaps the first picture we took, and it must have been a few years ago, one sibling of mine printed out the picture of us, photoshopped the lighting, vechulu, and put it in a nice frame, with the word "US" on the bottom. As in, "This is a picture of us."
We're all smiling, dressed to the nines. (By the way, anyone know where that expression came from? These people don't seem to know, either.)

This morning, as I glanced at the picture, a fun idea came to mind. What if we all dressed up (or down, perhaps) as goth/gang/dark/murderous/creepy/grunge people? The womenfolk in the fam would apply black lipstick, mess up their hair, put on whjte make up, fake piercings, and the guys would...pretty much do the same thing. And we'd all be decked out (again, anyone know where that phrase comes from?) in leather and torn black clothes and chains. We would be standing in the same order, but our pose would have to be different. More...punkish and 'gangsta' with the mouths and fingers, etc.
Oh, add 'punk' to the list of words I used before to denote 'gang members' vechulu.

I think it would be hilarious to have both photos on our mantle. The first saying "US", and the second one, the 'goth/gangsta/you get the idea' picture saying "THEM".