Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some tips for CH

Here are some tips and hints for getting around Crown Heights, that I either told or thought about telling to my bochurim who came in for Yud Shvat:
  1. At Kingston Bagel, or whatever the place is called, order two bagels, but only one with cream cheese, and snatch a plastic knife on your way out- everyone knows they put way too much on their bagels.
  2. At Esthers, they give free, unlimited supplies of pickles while it takes forever for them to warm up your food. And given the right push, they'll put out free pitas, too! (My guys loved me for this tip, and chowed down on hundreds of free pickles while waiting!)
  3. There is a rumor that there was a dead cat found at the bottom of 770's cholent pot. I could neither confirm or deny this, and left it in the hands of the bochurim to decide how to proceed.
  4. The cheapest (normal brand of) tissues are at Kahn's, at least as of last year.
  5. When checking to see if it's safe to cross the street, push your stroller out ahead of you first.
  6. Buncho versus Crown Bagel: Crown is mezonos, Buncho is Hamotzee. But buncho is better food, although it is on troy, and hence farther away than where you probably are.
  7. Try to wear your jacket when you enter 770, instead of hanging it up to chance.
  8. The cosmetics store on kingston is for guys, too, although normally their pink frilly boas in the front convey that it's only for women.
  9. The cops standing on the corners of Kingston are there to protect you while you walk home at night to where you're staying on albany, troy, montgomery, brooklyn, new york, or any other street besides for where they are standing on kingston. don't worry, they can run fast if they hear you scream loud enough.