Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoe-shopping at Macy's

I went last night to buy shoes at Macy's, and brought my father along because I value his insight, style, opinion, and also credit card. (I'm home for shabbos, and possibly today also. My flight seems to be delayed because of some bad rain storms... but they still want me to be there at the time of my original flight, when now the delay is a two or three hour one!)
I was trying to decide between two pairs I had looked at earlier. Well, actually I was trying to decide the best way to convince my father I needed both pairs....
Anyway, the sales associate kept looking at us and said in amazement, "Wow!! You guys look so much alike!"
"I'm his son" and "He's my son", we both replied in unison. (I was the one who said "I'm his son" and my father is the one who said "He's my son", in case you were slightly confused)
The guy still couldn't take it. "Yeah, but you look so alike!! Like brothers maybe!!!"
Well, maybe it was because we're father and son, you dummy!! We don't look exactly the same, ask anyone. And yet still this guy was flipping out because we looked similar.
I couldn't understand what was so amazingly spectacular and extraordinary that two people closely related may actually resemble each other.
Maybe looking at shoes and feet all day can do that to a person.