Sunday, February 15, 2009

My following

I have 3 "Followers" as of the time of print for this post. They are all Real Winners in Life. These are the everyday heroes of our generation. They do not care to publicly follow my blog, which undoubtedly not only raises the eyebrows of the CIA and FBI, but also warrants them to be put on the 'shoot-on-sight' list of some of my enemies.
I therefore salute their courage/foolishness to publicly adhere to my propaganda and personal beliefs.
I was thinking that to add to my image, maybe I should create hundreds of bogus gmail accounts and blogger profiles, of course with random pictures as the profile pics, with different names, and then have them all follow my blog.
I mean, when you see that 1,300 well-respected and good-minded people read my blog, than how could you not jump on the bandwagon? Right?
But I later rejected this idea. I do have my blogging ethics. I may not have my dignity any more (See My Dark Past Stories), but nobody can take away my ethical values.
I'm sure somebody important before me said something like that. Lincoln, or Benjamin Franklin, or someone.