Sunday, February 22, 2009

M'Talmidy Yoser MeKulam

First of all, I know you all are going to pounce right away and correct me on my title. For I should have been consistent, and if I wrote M'Talmidy, I should also have written M'Kulam. Sorry.
Anyway, one bochur who I learn with always tries to explain things back to me, as if he's the one teaching. Which is fine, by the way. It helps them to make sure they really understand.
So he started explaining to me Moach Shalit Al HaLev, our intellect should control our heart's desires and emotions. He gave the following example:
"Let's say a guy poked out a cow's eyeballs."
"Okay...." I said, unsure if I actually wanted him to continue.
"So intellectually, it doesn't make sense, because animals have feelings, too. But he likes to do it, and it feels good, so he does it anyway."

Isn't that the exact mashal we all heard in school from our chassidus teacher?