Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm vulnerable after all

That's right. I am only human, so it seems.
The dreaded Influenza has struck at last. Even the flu shot I got over Tishrei couldn't stop the all-powerful disease.
The worst part about being sick is trying to hide it from the bochurim. I give them excuses why I can't show up to seder.
Because if they only knew that I was vulnerable like this...
I mean, they look up to me as pretty much the perfect role model. I have to put on a brave face and a strong exterior for them. I dread to think what effects it could have on them to see their hero so downtrodden like this, from tiny bacteria. (Is that even the cause of the flu? probably, right?)

So yeah, being sick pretty much stinks. And that's why I couldn't post my Dvar Torah before Shabbos this time.