Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was right the whole time!!

I had written a philosophical post earlier (here) about how you can decide who a person really is.
After I posted it, I felt like I had babbled on (or is it: blabbled? probably babble...) and said pretty much nothing.
But then!!!!
But then I heard Rabbi Cohen give us a Shiur on Basi LeGani, where he brought a Maamer from Samech Vov (on page 500 or something, and I'm only up to 200 or so) that the Rebbe Rashab says the exact same thing!! That how can I call a person an Ish Chesed? Because he gives tzedaka? That is what he does. Not who he is. On the inside, though, we all have the Koach and Midos for Chesed, and Chochmah, and Tipshus! So the only way to describe people is the middle step- how much of the true inside of them (which most people are equal) are they displaying?
It's deep, I know.
Rabbi Cohen gave us a Mashal, but I forgot it now. It was something about a guy who likes having rachmanus, so he never opened the door for the poor person knocking... But maybe that was to explain how we cannot put ourselves into our actions, we cannot put our hisoir'rus of the midos into the actual midah...
Anyway, I was pretty amazed when I heard it, knowing I had already typed it. Now I just have to see the Ma'amer inside, or wait until I get there, but that's 400 pages later...