Sunday, January 11, 2009

A D'var Torah( MAYBE!!! ), and better late than never

You can never rely on my internet accessibility.
Or rather, I can't.
Anyway, I wanted to share a small thought I had about this week's Parsha with ya'll.
In the Brachos which Yaakov give to his sons, after Shimon and Levi he says how he had to deal with problems after Shchem, which Rashi explains that after Shimon and Levi totally pulled out a can of whoop&%$, sorry, I mean, when they kicked royal @%#%. Okay, let me try one more time. When they wiped out and killed every single person in Shchem, the neighboring villages and dwellers were upset (for no reason at all. Totally without cause!!). For some reason, they were mad at the Jacobson brothers (that would have been their name, by the way), and at the whole Yaakov clan, and started a big war.
If you ever read the Meam Loaz, it explains the entire war, down to the very last details, about how one of the brothers lost his shield, and exactly how many soldiers fell off the battlemants when Yehuda roared, and so on.
It also recounts how Yakov was the real hero in the war. He was a sharpshooter with the bow and arrow, saving son after son.
He basically had to step in and clean up their mess.

When I first read this story a few years ago, one image came to my mind.
That of an old, beer-bellied (just for the humor, I'm sure Yakov was a conscientous drinker) man rolling his eyes as he's watching what's happening, and squeezing into his Spandex SuperHero Suit that he used to wear decades ago fighting evil. Now he steps out, and his stomach shows, and the back of his pants rip, and he goes running off with his bow and arrow.
Stam, just a funny image. It really was a cool story if you never read it before.
Okay, gut voch.