Monday, December 29, 2008

Frog Joke

My friend told me this. He gets the credit.

Three frogs were sitting on lily pads. One said, "Ribbit". The second one said, "Ribbit". The third frog said, "Ribbit, ribbit", and the second frog took out a gun and blasted the third one right off his lily. The 1st frog was stunned and asked, "Hey, why'd you do that?"
The 2nd frog answered and said, "He knew too much."


Okay, so why do they put that jelly inside the jelly donuts?
Is it only because that's what they are called? Because if that's the only reason, isn't it time we told them that we don't like that jelly? And they should just be called 'donuts'?
Also, who in the world likes custard? Why do they feel the urge to fill the donuts with anything besides for dough???


So most of you know by now, that I haven't blogged recently. Which puts me in a pickle.
(For the next part, you must read this aloud. You start the first word on a high note, and drag it out a bit, and you say the first clause, kinda bouncing along, gemara-esque):
If I was blogging regularly, like every day or so, then I wouldn't need to concern myself so much with the stories and thoughts I would be spewing forth. Some would be inspirational. Others amusing. And still others utterly pathetic.
(For the next part, you must read this aloud. You start the first word on a low note this time, and drag it out along with the second word, and you 'bounce' at the word before the comma, the same as you did before, and this is also gemara-esque)
But now that I am only posting like... once a month, I don't know what to write for you now.
Aren't you expecting an amazing post, since I haven't given you anything for a while, and it could be that this will have to last you until the spring? (Gasp!! Did he just say Spring??? no, I'm just joking. I'm pretty sure you'll here from me before the ice (well, your ice. It doesn't snow where I am now....) all melts.)
If I write for you just some thought that popped into my head recently, you'll say: Hey! I checked on Yossi's blog, and all I got was this lousy post (and this lousy T-shirt (I had to throw that in there))!?!
So that's my pickle, basically. One option would be to try to post a lot over the next week or two, but with small, (seemingly) unimportant posts, so every time I come online, I don't need to have a Super Post for you. But that doesn't seem like a good plan.

For now, be on your toes. I'll try to post a few things. Because just chanuka alone could take up pages and pages of posts. My mivtzoim stories. My feelings about one little flame lighting up a lot of darkness (ok, that's not really that original. But it was the best I could come up with at 1:30 in the morning...)

So enjoy your last day of Chanuka, finish getting in all those donuts- hey! just thought of something I had wanted to share with you. I'll be back in the next post.