Monday, October 20, 2008

Scoundrels and No-goodnicks...

What kind of people would go onto private property and destroy a sign showing a difference in opinion to them?
In this great country of ours, can't we let others have a different opinion, and respect them and their property for it?
Apparently, no.
Obama supporters finally could stand our McCain/Palin sign no longer. After six days of enduring raw, heart-wrenching pain and offense from driving by and seeing a sign standing in our yard, they could bear it no longer.
We found our poor sign folded up and thrown down the hill when we came back after a chol hamoed trip yesterday.
Of course, we put it back, and (don't tell them) we anticipated the attacks, and have an extra sign in our garage, just in case.

What has gotten into liberals these days?
Liberals are all about accepting others, like radical Islamists, or (not that I'm putting them in the same category) gay rights. But it seems that they cannot accept another's opinion, if it differs with their own. The hippies movement in the 60's was about free speech and especially students' rights to protest the war.
But now they don't care about free speech, if it's not their own.
It's too much to ask for respect for my own opinion. They must go out and destroy any signs they disagree with.

Now, in Crown Heights, people do a lot of sign-tearing, because a sign does or doesn't have Yechi on it, for example. Whether that's right or wrong, I don't know, but the signs in protest are on public property, like telephone wire poles.

But don't expect me not to pull out a gun if you step onto my property with ill-intentions of taking away my first amendment.