Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Tidbits of Useless Knowledge of My Life, Currently

  • I got a flu shot (I'm fine. You don't need to panic. It didn't even hurt. That much. Gosh. Does someone have a tissue? I'll be fine. Just give me a sec, okay? I've just got something in my eye...)
  • I went to a birthday farby at a friend's house. (Ha! Got you there, you liar. You have no friends where you live!!! And you'd be right. Nobody my age in this great city of mine who I could have a farbrengen with. But I could drive twenty minutes away to the craziest liberal city ever, didn't think of that, did you?)
  • I've been contemplating messing with my family's digital picture frame which usually they turn on for shabbos, yom tov, etc. Now, it's filled with a bunch of pictures of a whole bunch of random occasions and trips. I was thinking I would take really funny pics of myself, making faces, etc., and put them on instead. Imagine reading a book, and looking up to see me making a huge monkey face at you!! My sib's are down with it, too. We just need to get going before Shabbos, and not raise my parent's suspicions...
  • I went to the eye doctor for a regular exam. Of course, it wasn't good enough just to give me a higher prescription, she's got to check my eyes out for horrible diseases (Baruch Hashem, Kenaina Hara, I'm good, (pu pu pu (It would be indecent for me to write that as poo poo poo.))) (Hey, look, I just did the triple parentheses!!! I'm unstoppable!!), at which my eyes after being doused in chemicals, got blurry and I couldn't read or see a darn thing without getting a headache. I asked her if it was safe for me to drive home. "Sure", she said.
Wrong. It was quite an experience to get back home.