Sunday, October 26, 2008


As I was casually perusing the freezer today, looking for a nutritious, yet satisfying meal for my lunch, the burritos automatically caught my eye.
Alright, I thought to myself, I'll have one.
As I was sifting through the different varieties our wonderful freezer offered, I quickly found the 'Cheese and Pizza' burrito. I smiled to myself, but at the same time swallowed back a tear. There are starving children in Africa, and here I am, about to enjoy such a delicacy. Many don't even have bread or water! I pushed these sad thoughts from my mind, and was about to close the freezer door, when something caught my attention.
It was a burrito. Not just any, though, oh, no. The flavor it proudly boasted was 'Red Hot Volcano' bean burrito.
I must have stood there, stunned, with my head in the freezer for quite some time, because when I finally came to my senses and shook my head clear of the confusing thoughts that were dancing around in my head, little flecks of ice were propelled off the ends of my hair.
Who's stupid idea was that?

It's pure, 100% insanity.
I don't know why anyone would buy it or eat it. (Of course, it was in my freezer, but maybe we bought it just to help spread the wealth around, not that we actually intended to eat any of them)