Friday, October 10, 2008


I made it! Back home for the yom tovim. I have completed 40 days of my shlichus so far in los Angeles. No, I'm not counting. That would be immature. It's just really easy to figure out, since I started the first day of elul, and through Yom Kippur= 40. That's all.
I've got a lot to do now that I'm home. And now that I have internet. But I'll try to be faithful to ya'll and post when I get the chance, or get in the mood.
So keep a watch on my blog, 'cause I'll definitely be posting more often than I did the last month and a half... and of course, if you know anyone who would enjoy reading my stuff, 7 readers would totally be a landmark and goal I could really be proud of. (I already got the sixth, a fellow shliach of mine. Everybody say hi)
Good Shabbos.
Good Yom Tov.

Oh. Today is called "G-d's day". We were supposed to get up early and learn Torah. I got up early and flew.