Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ensuring the future of democracy...

That's right. I just voted. Or rather, my family did. And even Sarah Palin came to make sure we voted her way.
I won't say how I voted, though.
In California, we get to vote on a whole slew of issues and propositions.
Like abortion and gay marriage, to name the biggies on the ballot.
I'm against both, by the way.
Everyone make sure to vote, McCain needs our support!
I mean, that is, if I did vote republican...
But seriously, don't me misguided by all the polls. A certain outspoken rightist political commentator says that most people lie to pollsters, just to seem cool, and vote Obama like everyone else, and also so as not to appear racist....
I've got a lot to say about politics, but there are quite enough news sites and blogs to bore you, you don't need my help.