Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to Klipa'fornia

So, my little away time from yeshiva is finished. I fly back in a few hours.
I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't finish typing out for you the last days of my trip to Israel. If I'm at a computer with Internet, and I just happen to have my notebook with me, and I have nothing important to do, then I'll finish it up, bli neder.

I'm going back to yeshiva with a new, invigorating chayos in my Shlichus.
With Hashem's help, and the Rebbe's Koichos, we'll be Poy'el (that word looks funny, but say it fast and you'll know what I mean) a tremendous amount on the bochurim.

I hope to farbreng more with the other shluchim, and become a closer-knit group.
I hope to learn a lot more, and for more time, then what I had been doing before Tishrei. Not that it wasn't good, just it could always be better. I'm actually going to try a little Sicha Marathon. I had thought at one point that I could finish the whole Likkutei Sichos this year. I mean, for every parsha, that would mean around 20 sichos a week.
Yes, I actually thought I could, for a little bit. My mashpia just laughed.
So instead he suggested I take on 5 a week, to complete the whole K'rach from Tes-Vov until Chof. I tried bargaining up to 10. He insisted I stick with 5. There were weeks last year that I learned close to 10 a week, but then again, I was a lot less busy than I am now on Shlichus (outside of seder, I mean). So we'll see if I can pull it off, and win the $50 bucks from my mashpia... no, just kidding. we didn't bet any money, but oh, it's on!!!